Following is a list of compositions by year. Overtime links will be added to some of these to recordings, scores, or links to where you can purchase the scores, along with short descriptions of the pieces.

Ongoing and Complete Collections

2014 – ???? Suite Pi for Piano – (Solo Piano)

Using the supposedly infinite sequence of Pi, this series of pieces explores how fragments of the ratio can be applied to create music. Though I am sure there are many and more complex ways the series can be utilised, I have chosen to a more simplistic way by applying it to either the rhythmic, melodic, or harmonic structure of each piece though not in a serialistic manner. Repetition is also one of the key components within each peace of the suite, with smaller fragments of the selected series of digits being repeated in various forms.

Designed to be non-virtuosic, this suite is a contribution to my aim to attempt to create experimental scores that are accessible to a wider range of musicians.

2015 – ???? A Work of Fiction – (Open/Text Based Notation)

2015 – 2016 An Introspective Piano Suite – (Piano and Voice, Solo Performer)

This suite explores some of my thoughts about music. The three pieces that make up this suite are: Sunday Drive, Reflection for Piano, a thought.



An Ode to Death as Life Goes On – (Clarinet in Bflat, and Piano)

I was a member of the Inspiration Inclusive Theatre for some years. During this time I composed a piece for one of there darker productions Nicholas Nickleby (by Charles Dickens). Though it has yet be performed with live instruments, the electronic rendition added sorrow to the scene of Spikes passing.

‘Air’ (Vocal)

This score was composed as part of The Art of Sound Project with the Pie Factory, for the Turner and The Elements Exhibition at the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery.


Language is a Ficticious Fact – (Graphic Notation)

My first and currently only 3-Dimensional graphic score which explores the strange nature of the English Language. Click Here for more in-depth information. If you wish to hear the piece be performed, you can check out a recording on my SoundCloud by Clicking Here.

You can also find a collection of photos of the score by Clicking this Link.


Moths in the Moonlight – (Viola, and 2 Whistlers/Recording)

Suite Pi for Piano: Digits 1 – 16 (3.141592653589793) – (Solo Piano)

Burning the Battle Field – (String Quartet)

Music of the Unknown – (Open Notation/Graphic Score)



A Work of Fiction: A Throne of Games – (Open/Text Based Notation)

the consequences of holding onto hate – (Cello Quartet)

Striving Towards – (Vocal/Graphic Notation)

An Introspective Piano Suite: Sunday Drive – (Solo Piano with Voice)

What if? The Hansel & Gretel  Tale – (Graphic Notation)

it takes all sorts – (Vocals/Graphic Notation)

Mine! (Me! Me! Me!) – (Open/Text Based Notation)

What happens when you let musicians inner divas thrive, whilst making them share their favourite toys?



A Mummers’ Farce – (Solo Percussion Opera)

An Introspective Piano Suite: Reflection for Piano – (Solo Piano)

An Introspective Piano Suite: a thought – (Solo Piano and Spoken Word)



LionHeart1189 – (Percussion and Voice)