Above: Jason Hodgson, winner of the 2015 Canterbury Festival Composition Competition.
From left to right; Alistair Zaldua (Composer), Jason Hodgson (Composer and Winner),
Rosie Turner (Festival Director), and Paul Patterson (Composer)

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Hello there!

My name Jason Hodgson (BMus*) and I’m an Award Wining**, Experimental, and Contemporary Composer with a love for the Wacky and Weird, and am currently studying at MMus with a focus on interactive composition.

My previous projects have involved things like;

Indeterminacy, Sweets, Theatre, Improvisation, a Box, Dice (of various shapes and descriptions), Percussion, and a Dragon.

This blog is currently under construction. The Social-Media aspect is also having an overhaul, along with a Brand New Website. So look out for new features!

This blog will be almost journal-like as I work in various projects and ideas. Occasionally I will talk and reflect about past projects prior to this blogs beginnings. Their may also be reviews of pieces and composers that I have a current interest in.

This page will also get a face-lift at some point in the future. But I suppose this’ll do for now.


*Sorry… had to…. image ‘an all….

**Winner of the 2015 Canterbury Festival Composition Competition. with my vocal sound-poem-esque piece ‘A Throne of Games’. 

(There will be further information on this piece, and its part in a bigger series, in a future post).