I’ve Moved

My first post on this blog was on 24th January 2017. This blog, was designed to document my thoughts about music, composition, and current projects. It has done this. However, like all good things, this blog must come to end…..well…. sort of.

I will still be updating you on my current projects. I will still be writing up my thoughts and process around my compositions, but this time it will be on my website (created by WebDandy).

All current posts have been moved to the my new website, so nothing is lost. This of course means that I will have to remove and delete this blog. By the of the month this blog will no longer exist. Hopefully by that time my website will have had all the edits needed to bring it up to scratch.
And so it is with beaming joy that I now provide you the link to my new website:



See you there!
Jason Hodgson (1st August 2017)


Author: Jason Hodgson

I'm an experimental composer with a love for the wacky and weird. Currently studying at Masters Level (MMus) at Canterbury Christ Church University, with a focus on interactive composition. My previous projects have involved things like; Indeterminacy, Sweets, Theatre, Improvisation, a box, dice, Percussion, and a dragon. This blog is currently is currently under construction as it will soon be merged with a Brand New Website. The aim of this blog is not to be purely academic, (I'll save that for my studies), but to act as a sort of journal of ideas and process as I work on various projects. Occasionally I will talk and reflect about past projects and pieces prior to this blogs beginnings. Their may also be reviews of pieces and composers that I have a current interest in, and possibly some scores.... if you're lucky.

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