First blog post

A little bit about me, what I do, my projects, and the plan for this blog.


Hello there!

This is the obligatory first post of the blog. After all, you can’t have a second post without a first. Therefore I thought it prudent for this post to cover a little bit about me, what I do, and the plans for this blog.

First and foremost an introduction.

My name is Jason Hodgson¬† and I’m an award winning* experimental and contemporary composer with a love for the wacky and weird. In the past my pieces have included things from; Indeterminacy, Sweets, Theatre, Improvisation, a Box, Dice, Percussion, and a Dragon.

This blog will act as a sort of journal for concepts, ideas, and details about current projects. At the point of writing this, (24 January 2017), I am studying my MMus, and the posts for the next 18 months will reflect this.

My current project for my MMus involves utilising an eclectic array of computers to create an interactive composition as an installation, which aims to help break down the barrier between computer controlled music, quasi-free improvisation, and in general, experimental composition for both the audience and the musicians.

Secondly I will, when time allows, reflect on previous projects and pieces. Occasionally included with these posts will be scores of the pieces. Whilst I do aim to make a career from selling my compositions and my services, I am also a great believer of accessible resources. Therefore in a somewhat big-headed/looking-to-the-future kind of way, I will happily disseminate some of my earlier scores to provide those who study and perform music both now and in the future an easier way to analyse, perform, and study my compositions and myself.

This has been directly influenced by my studies, where I’ve found it difficult and rather expensive to access the resources I need. Libraries can only hold so much, and the more contemporary composers are unlikely to be found in the normal university library. This is also why I have created this blog, and will talk about my composition processes (which change with each new piece).

Thirdly, you may also find dotted between all the Composition babble, some reviews of pieces and composers that I have found interesting.  These reviews in no way aim to be like the dry academic based reviews. It will contain much of my opinion with some references to other work, and possibly some factoids thrown in for good measure.

This isn’t my first attempt at a blog. If you search ‘Jason Hodgson Composer’ you may find a poor attempt in the form of a tumblr blog dating back to 2012. I may repost one or two of the better posts in the name of archiving. But all in all, when reading through these it was clear that my written word was not up to scratch. My focuses have also shifted somewhat. I won’t be insulted if you have a laugh.

Finally, all that is left to do is to welcome you, and to thank you for reading this, and hope that I can keep up-to-date with this blog.

I hope you Enjoy!

– Jason Hodgson (24th January 2017)


*Winner of the 2015 Canterbury Festival Composition Competition. The awarding wining piece was ‘A Throne of Games’.

(There will be further information on this piece, and its part in a bigger series, in a future post).

Author: Jason Hodgson

I'm an experimental composer with a love for the wacky and weird. Currently studying at Masters Level (MMus) at Canterbury Christ Church University, with a focus on interactive composition. My previous projects have involved things like; Indeterminacy, Sweets, Theatre, Improvisation, a box, dice, Percussion, and a dragon. This blog is currently is currently under construction as it will soon be merged with a Brand New Website. The aim of this blog is not to be purely academic, (I'll save that for my studies), but to act as a sort of journal of ideas and process as I work on various projects. Occasionally I will talk and reflect about past projects and pieces prior to this blogs beginnings. Their may also be reviews of pieces and composers that I have a current interest in, and possibly some scores.... if you're lucky.

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